Favorite YouTube Clips

Essential Dating Game Show

Welcome to the Essential Dating Game Show. Hosted by Brown Sugar, the show features a witty and charming contestant, Millicent, on her quest to find the perfect match. With three daring suitors vying for her attention, the show is packed with romance, fun, and a sprinkle of mischief. Who will earn Millicent's affections?

St Patrick's Day Shenanigans: Our Worst Irish Accents Game

In this hilarious clip, the crew puts their Irish accents to the test in a side-splitting game of "Guess the Movie" in their best Irish accents. Prepare for laughter, groans (maybe some good accents!), and a celebration of all things Irish as they read iconic lines from various films. Can you identify the movies based solely on their butchered brogues?

Bat-tastic Battle! Jensen Ackles vs. Alan Ritchson for Gunn's Batman

Who should be the next Batman in James Gunn's DCU reboot – Jensen Ackles or Alan Ritchson? Are you Team Ritchson or Team Ackles? Join the passionate clash as we analyze each fan casted contender's strengths, weaknesses, and potential to embody the Dark Knight. Don your Batsuits and join the ultimate fancast showdown – who will win the right to say "I am vengeance, I am the night"?

Whose Line is it anyways? Mean Girls Mania

Join the crew as they embark on a hilarious mission: deciphering lines from a completely unknown movie. Brace yourself for wild guesses, nonsensical interpretations, and laugh-out-loud moments as they fumble their way through the mystery. They were not happy when they realized they were reading from 2004's Mean Girls.

'Mickey's Willie Fun Steamboat' Spoof Movie Trailer

Steamboat Willie has entered public domain! The ESE Files releases a sneak peak of the upcoming bone chilling Mickey Horror movie!

Omni Man & Invincible VS Nappa & Vegeta: The Ultimate Debate!

Get ready for an epic showdown as we dive into the ultimate debate: Omni-Man & Invincible vs. Nappa & Vegeta! We go head-to-head, exploring the strengths, weaknesses, and power feats of these iconic characters. Who will emerge victorious in this clash of titans?